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Congratulations on receiving an unconditional/conditional offer on the course to study with us from August 2023. We’re looking forward to welcoming you to College!

As a next step, we’d like to invite you to our Connect2D&A event in June. This will be a valuable part of your course preparation and we encourage you to make every effort to attend. It will be an opportunity to meet staff and students from your class. You will take part in activities that will help you to connect with the College Community.

There will be opportunities to ask questions and discuss support required to assist you to be successful in your studies with us at D&A College.

We will also provide you the opportunity to complete a second day of online activity, which will include courses that will help you get ready for starting College, along with useful information about our support services. To access these courses click on the Getting Ready for College Online Courses tile shown below.

Our Support Services – We are Here to Help!

We’re really looking forward to seeing you at your Connect2D&A event! If you are unable to attend this on-campus event, please contact us on